Gospel Verse Note Cards

One of the 6 cards in the PDF Files

One of the 6 cards in the PDF Files

I’d like to share another tool for sharing the gospel that I have made and found helpful. The most eloquent, flowing, persuasive evangelist is a disgrace without a firm foundation of Scripture.

While thinking through the gospel and equipping myself to share my faith more boldly and confidently, I found myself wanting a collection of Bible verses to use as sturdy footers or anchor points for my conversations. I needed something to be able to go back to if the conversation got side-tracked.

So I compiled this list of verses that flows through God’s holiness & perfection, our sinfulness and the punishment for sin, God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ, Christ’s sacrifice for our sins, salvation, and obedience through faith. The main point of each verse is in bold so that you can see the flow of ideas. It uses both NIV and NASB because I started out using NIV a few years ago and switched some verses to NASB while revising it prior to posting it for you.

These verses are organized so that each category fits onto a 3×5 note card. I would recommend printing them, cutting them out, and gluing them to note cards so you have the back of each card to add additional verses & thoughts about that point. I punched a hole in the corner of each card and threaded them onto a key-ring so they would not get lost and be easy to use.

So without further ado, here are the links to pdf files of each page. Be sure to print both pages! Gospel cards part 1 Gospel cards 2

Please leave a comment to let us know what you think and if you have used them to share the gospel. Your feedback is a great encouragement to us!
As with all our tracts & literature, please use them & share this link with others, but keep it FREE & don’t sell the image or claim it as your own design.



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